Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Rescue to Blog about

My day started off well enough today.  Leisurely my eyes open and I see my puppy dog Oliver waiting for my tired eyes to open so he can go outside not before giving me a zillion kisses.

Oliver's good morning face
We go downstairs and I let the dogs out and make coffee.  I open up my laptop hit the button that brings it to life and then crack open a boiled egg to eat with a little salt and salsa, slice up some strawberries and green grapes then place them on a plate.  I open up the house, drink my coffee and eat while a soft wind kisses my skin and begin working on my story.  I watch the clock because a friend of mine wants to talk with me about helping her with some marketing for her realty business and I think it is a great idea.  I can work from home and help her out with my crazy social media skills while still having time to work on my book.  Peachy right?

Alas, nothing is ever peachy when you plan peachy.  The slow chill day that you thought was ahead of you is pulled out from underneath you as though you were punished by Karma from a long ago indiscretion then you fall on your bum and wonder aloud:

WHY ME??!!??

I go to my meeting with my friend and we discuss the marketing that she wants, the marketing that I can do and the contents of a possible job description.  Sounds good right?  No, she wants someone to walk around the communities in town and leave her business flyers, THEN we can talk about social media while she picks my brain on how to do some of it and what ideas I may have.  Hmmm….  So I agree anyway and take the multiple reams of flyers and armed with a map I plan the beginning of the journey. 

Watching the time of course because last night  I had a text request from Youngest Kid to pick him up at Amtrak in Sacramento at 10 AM.  He is coming home from LA after doing a show (he is a comic/actor and I couldn’t be more proud) *gush~

So I plan to go pick him up, then come back and start the placing of the flyers on each door as she directed.  But Nooooo, the child sends a text that reads:

YK:  Gonna be late.  This bus is slacking

Me:  OK, about how long do you think?

YK:  Well we were supposed to leave Stockton at 910.  It’s now 930…

Oooh maaaan! I say low with a short growl sound.  So now what to do?  Go pass out the flyers?  Wait until he is ready for me to make the trip to Sac?  Make the trip and wait?  Arrgh…

So I text again 15 minutes later.

Me:   So have you gotten on the bus yet?

YK:  Yes we have

Me:  Eta

YK:  Not sure. Driver won’t say

Then it comes~

YK:  It appears the bus broke down…

YK:  I am in Lodi

YK:  Mom?

This is where I sit in my car as I have for the last half hour in the parking lot of Century 21 and try figuring out what I am going to do and what happened to Stockton.  So I call the child and we decide that it will be easier (for who?) for me to drive to Lodi to pick him up because he has orientation for a new job that he just got which makes job number three in the quest to get back to LA.

What was I supposed to do?  Yep, that’s what I did.  Knowing I would not get any flyers out that day, I called my friend and on the first day of this new opportunity after not working for a year, had to go pick up my kid.  Sound familiar moms?  He sends me the address and I GPS on my iPhone and I am off.  Only GPS wants me to take a three hour tour through Sacramento and I want to go through Rio Vista and take HWY 12.  Argghhh….

Then the texts of an impatient child (ya.. I said it) start rolling in.  The champagne glass clink that I use to love is now sounding every two minutes and pissing me off.  I begin to talk to my phone as though I am talking to my son.  “I can’t text and drive!!”  I think I was louder than just talking. 

I finally pull over and call him to tell him where I am at and he needs to just sit tight.  I then think it's funny so I text him after the call.

Me:   I guess your stuck in Lodi again..
YK:  That's a song right?
Me:  Whatever

Turns out it wasn't so funny. 

I make my way, according to my adjusted GPS, to Lodi.  In fact, I am three miles away.  Then I hear a POP, then something hitting the back of my car.  I am still moving, but the car doesn’t feel right.  I come up to a red light and already plan my parking spot on the other side of the light.  I pull over and yep.  Flat tire.  Now I feel like crying because I don’t know how to put on a spare.  OK, in my defense, I have changed a tire before when I was in driver’s training in high school.  Long, long ago when the schools offered that.

I call Sweet and he can’t come all the way to Lodi because he has to get ready for work.  YK is sitting three miles away and wants to walk along the two way highway to get to me, which I of course tell him no. I try to call AAA, but according to them I don’t have my membership anymore, which is weird because I thought you couldn’t have insurance there without the membership.  A question that is still asked of me and I still don’t have an answer to.  Oh, did I mention that I forgot my car charger and the battery on my phone is on red.   Bleh

I am about to sit down on the dirt and rocks on the side of the road, of course, best place to have a meltdown in 90-degree weather.  When out of the blue, a Cal trans truck pulls over and two men get out of the truck and ask if they can help!!  Tears in my eyes, I say yes please!  I take a picture as they begin to pull the donut out of my trunk and remove the damaged tire.  I ask their names to which they decline because they figure I am going to put them on fb and I say no, on my blog.  Again no..  bleh.  So I have named them Christopher (patron saint of travelers) and Anthony (patron saint of lost things).  They made everything so much better; they were very nice and so wonderful.  They changed my tire and gave me advice about getting the tire fixed at Les Schwab and they were off into the good day. 

So now I have a donut and per their instruction, I don’t drive over 45 miles per hour and finally make it to Amtrak Lodi.  I am so relieved and am looking for my kid who is probably in a panic by now.  I park, get out of the car and look around.  The panic starts to set in on me because he is nowhere to be found!  I walk through the outside lobby area and there he is.  Leaning up against the stone wall, asleep.  Standing.

I wake him and we get in the car and as I laugh away the stress of the day and begin the 45 mile per hour drive all the way home.  He states very matter of factly to me with a smile.

“We’re all good mom, they let me reschedule.”


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