Friday, June 1, 2012

And then his Mother comes...

Sweet and I have been together almost three years now and in all that time, we have actually taken the time to get to know each other. So well in fact, that at this point we can read each others thoughts and we learned how to help each other out with the spectrum of emotions that come with being a human.

Some of these emotions are in large part due to his mother.  I won’t go into his private business about his mother but suffice it to say that according to him she has a few issues.  Who's mother doesn’t right?  I met her previously when we went to Wisconsin a couple of years ago during the second part of a fabulous vacation that Sweet had taken me on where we went to the Harley Museum and then stopped in to see her of course. As soon as I met her she looked me up and down with a few snarky comments, but since I had been armed and forewarned by Sweet, I was ready with a comeback. Startled, she smiled and all was good for the rest of our visit. She was actually very nice for the duration of the stay!

We stayed a couple of days and it just so happened to be some kind of little fair and parade that was the talk of the little town called Prairie Du Sac and she asked us to go to the cow chip throwing events. Hairlarious by the way, but that is another story.

Anyhoo, she has sold the old homestead in Wisconsin and is moving to California.  Now while she is looking, she will be staying with us.  Can anyone hear my whoo hooos?  I am a little trepidatious by her impending arrival because we tried to help her during the month of May to find homes for her and she didn’t want any of them.  So maybe it is the blind shopping via the internet for a house that prevented her from a purchase?  Sweet has flown to Wisconsin and they are going to drive to California to stay with us while she looks for a home. So I guess for now, I will get the house ready and welcome her here with open arms and hope for the best!  So here goes….

Welcome Sweet’s Mother to California and our Home! (frozen smile?)