Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Reflections

Challenges.  That is what this last six months has been for me and as I reflect on this Christmas Day. I have had a year that has led me to where I am now which is one with my spirit. I can only be glad yet again that some of the trials and tribulations found me and made me what I am at this moment. The free dictionary defines Trials and Tribulations as a cliché of “problems and tests of one’s courage or perseverance.” I had to check because although I knew what it meant, I just wanted to be sure that my smiling picture was not next to the definition.
Since my last post my world was forever changed and now I have a complete understanding of fearlessness, strength and courage.  It was a hard road filled with fighting, sorrow, sadness and much crying. As I look back at it today, the other side of those many hurdles, I also remember the many joys and giggles I shared with Sweet, Middle Kid and my beautiful GBaby! Oh, but what did I learn? 
I learned that Christmas celebrations do not need a recipe and can be celebrated when everyone can be together.
I learned that opening up your home to friends and relatives as a hostel can be just as the pronunciation of that word sounds. Don’t do it.
I learned that your boyfriend’s mother is just that and not all mothers are as understanding in character as I thought they were supposed to be. In fact those motherly types enjoy messing with others for sport while trying to keep their 6 foot 4 male babies to themselves. (Ewww, guess I am not completely over that one).
I learned that some wounds never heal and sometimes it is necessary to just let go and see what happens so maybe, just maybe you won’t have what you thought you were supposed to. You end up with something completely different but the same in spirit.
I learned that I CAN go back to college at my age and do well. 3.77 GPA for first semester… Just sayin’.
I learned that a family can consist of two people.
I learned that a relationship doesn’t consist of two people that run when it gets hard. The hard part is the staying and fighting for it.
Lastly, I learned that it is ok to be afraid. It is ok to be who you are, regardless of what they say and most importantly, it is OK for your heart to feel the excitement of fear.
So... On this beautiful, rainy Christmas day, I wish love, blessings, health and happiness to all that need it, want it or have it.
Merry Christmas!!