Monday, May 21, 2012

Vegas Baby!!

Well we just got back from Las Vegas where we had a blast!  But isn’t Vegas always a blast?  I was so excited for the trip that I watched What Happens in Vegas with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher just to get the Vegas juices flowing and add a bit to the excitement!   You could probably visit that place a million times and have a different experience each and every time! 

We met our friends and the weekends traveling companions, Magda and Jeremy in the parking lot at SFO and hit the shuttle to the airport.  We got through security and made it to our gate.  As you probably already know from other trips, we fly standby and Magda and Jeremy were actually able to come with us standby so as Sweet was getting us all set for the flight, Magda and I went to get some breakfast. My goodness, I think it was the biggest blueberry muffin that I have ever seen, so we shared it.

We boarded the flight and were actually seated in the front row that faces the flight attendants jump seats.  She was such a nice lady and since I am so shy and quiet, I started up a conversation with her.  Cheryl is from New Jersey and has never been to Vegas to play and hopes to get there one day.  I told her that we would party for her and she accepted!  So much so that she gave all of us free Vodka and OJ drinks to our hearts content, not a bad way to start Vegas huh?

The flight was uneventful as we were flying into LAX and renting a car.  We decided to drive due to the fact that flying standby to Vegas on a weekend is nearly impossible so Sweet decided that this was a great idea.  (Cut to Sunday:  We are never doing it again!)  Anyhoo…  We get to LA and the car we are renting turns out to be a brand new Camry with six miles on it.  Love that new car smell!  So we are off on our five hour drive and with a stop at In and Out we finally get there! 

Animal Style
As I have said before, Wyndham is my favorite place to stay and Vegas takes the prize for the best Wyndham experience!  We stayed at the Wyndham Grand Desert and as Sweet is checking us in, a woman comes by with champagne or wine for our libation pleasures and then it was on to our room, which of course was also amazing and the view!  Now it was time to rest and of course more libations to prepare for the night that would take us to a place called fun!

View from our room at Wyndham Grand Desert

Sweet has a friend that lives there so he came by with a Limo and we went to eat at Hugos Cellar in the Four Queens Hotel. Hands down one of the best dining experience I have ever had anywhere, I felt like a princess!  Red roses when we walked in that sat in a vase I the middle of the table. Salads made at the table, martini’s come with a small elegant pitcher sitting in a glass bowl of ice and then a small cone of lemon sorbet to cleanse my palate before dinner.  I had Beef Wellington and Sweet had rack of lamb.  Sooo good!  Then a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries, dried fruit and cookies with whipped cream.  Perfecto!

Now full and happy, we walk over to the Fremont Street experience for the ultimate vintage Vegas experience.  This is something everyone must do!  We walked along the casinos under the Viva Vision Canopy watching the Tribute to Queen music light show and then the brave souls that dare to fly through the air on the indoor zipline.  We stopped for Vodka Redbull yard drinks at an outdoor kiosk!  Live music and the Neon sign graveyard!  You couldn’t ask for a better first night!

Entering the Fremont Street Experience

Neon Sign Graveyard sign

Day 2~   Today we drive out to the Hoover Dam for a little tour and some touristy pics!  We park in the parking garage to stay in a little shade before walking out into the hot Nevada sun.  We took the underground tour that started with a little movie to give us some history, a very interesting show.  The dam was started in 1931 and completed in 1936 under budget and two years ahead of schedule (a feat we probably won’t ever see again) and was originally named Boulder Dam but later named after President Herbert Hoover.  I just wanted to see the state line that was in the movie Fools Rush In, but alas so did every visitor since the movie came out in 1997 so they had to take it out.  Aww..

Lots of pics and the underground tour then a few souvenirs and we were on our way back to Vegas for dinner and some gambling.  It was a great day and so much fun and the night got just a little crazy!  What happens in Vegas….

Day 3~  Time to go home!  We drove back to LA very tired and flew back to the city where we said our goodbyes to our great friends then came home!  It was a great trip and so much fun as is always with my Sweet!  

Thank you again for another fab trip Babe!!

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