Friday, May 4, 2012

Just another Writing Prompt!

Well, here is another prompt that I posted in April on the Writer’s Digest wall.  This premise is why you were late for a meeting.  Hope you like it!!  Please feel free to leave a comment, they are appreciated!


Hannah stared down at her phone as it lay on the white tablecloth while she waited for her food.  She pushed the refresh button again to see if Roger had emailed her. She was getting impatient.  Instead the dreaded email of her boss displayed with a ding. 

“What could she possibly want?” Hannah growled.

 “Where the hell are you Miss Riley?” it read. “The meeting is in ten minutes and of course it looks as though you forgot!!!  Get your soon to be jobless ass here immediately!”

 “Oh crap!” Hannah mumbled as she threw a twenty on the table and hurriedly grabbed her suit jacket from the back of the chair then bent to grab her purse on the floor.  She rushed toward the little gate that separated the café’s patio from the sidewalk and began to run.  Just as she rounded the corner she was enveloped into a rush of passengers coming from the ferry that had just docked and now filled the entirety of the walkway. 

The panic set in as she realized that she wasn’t going to make it and would have to deal with the evil that was Cora.  She made it to the crosswalk and while waiting for the light to change she realized that she had left her phone on the table.

“Shit!!”  Hannah was close to tears as she turned to make her way back through the crowd to the cafe.  She was in full sprint now and trying to think why she had even decided to go out to lunch? She knew why, it was Roger and her stomach jumped with excitement at the thought of his daily salacious emails.  She was now at the table she had been sitting at and no phone in sight.  She looked around and called out to a passing waitress.

 “Oh my God!  This can NOT be happening!”  She cried as she followed the young girl to the bar area where the lost and found was.

She looked up at the clock above the bar that teased her with the fact that she was already fifteen minutes late.  She wasn’t going to make it back for the meeting, which meant the bitch would surely fire her now.  She sat down on the nearest stool to wait for the waitress when she heard the sirens.  She looked up at the breaking news on the flat screen mounted in the corner and the reporter standing in front of the building where she worked.

 Hannah was listening but the words didn’t make sense.  She watched as people were running from the revolving doors with their hands up, some bloody and some being helped.  Police and SWAT teams were running inside along with paramedics.  The waitress came back with her phone as she listened of the shootings on the 17th floor.  Her floor. She looked down as her phone rang to life and Roger’s smiling face displayed on the screen.
“Honey, I think you just saved my life!” She whispered.

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