Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just a Sunday post

“I don’t know what your generation’s fascination is with documenting your every thought…  but I can assure you, they’re not all diamonds.  “Roman is having an OK day, and bought a Coke Zero at the gas station.  Raise the roof.”  Who gives a rat’s ass?”   Mr. Griffith from Easy A.

I watched that movie last night for the fifteenth time and just love that quote.  Probably because it is so true!  With that, according to one of my classes, it was recommended for new writers to start a facebook page and/or twitter account as well as this blog.  This is for the purpose to get out there and broadcast, ya know to dive right in. (picture college try arm pump) Yep,  26 friends on facebook and 11 followers on twitter, Yayyyy!  This makes me so happy because I kept thinking “Who is going to care?”

I totally get social media now and the only problem is that of a building addiction.  Can I just say hmmmm?   Yep, I check it now as I would my email account or text, which it now appears, is very “old school”.  I get to keep up with my kids, my cousins, my friends and I am still surprised when I get a friend request.  On the reverse, I feel hurt when someone declines or ignores my friend request even though I totally understand.  Friend, acquaintance, cordial meeting, previous in law, etc.  You still have to be careful who you let in your life’s private matters.  Although it is social media instead of social meeting, it still stings the same as when you tried to befriend someone face to face. 

I remember when Sunday’s were for family get togethers!  Football and food spreads in the fall, family dinners in the winter, backyard picnics in the spring and lastly potlucks and bbq’s near the pool in the summer.  All my kids friends would come to our house and hang out so the house was always full.  Now my ex husband and I are divorced and his kids have forgotten me and the 15 years I was their step mom, my first-born is a father of two and going through a divorce with bitter custody, my middle kid is happily awaiting her first child with her fab man and my youngest has most excitedly relocated to the LA area to live his dream as an actor.  I am so excited because they were such good kids and now I get to watch them become Great men and women!

Now Sundays for me are a nice home cooked meal with my Sweet significant, a good bottle of wine, great conversation or whatever we want if we aren’t traveling.  Most importantly, love!  Unless it is a family gathering, a holiday, a quick phone call or text, I now follow my kids, friends and family on facebook.  Never would I have thought this is how I would now be connected to my friends and family.  The other day I had lunch with a friend that I have known since jr. high school and she was up to date with my kids and me through the facebook.  Not a bad thing, but still kind of crazy.

So for my babies that are living their lives and are having their own Sundays, I am going to try and post a story from one of the kid’s childhood on Sundays.  Enjoy and hope your Sunday is great!


Middle Kid, age 9~

The school principal calls telling me that I need to come to the school because Middle Kid was in her office.  I get to the school and am ushered into the principal’s office where my baby girl is sitting on one of the chairs in her office.  Mrs. Principal asks me to sit and proceeds to tell me that my delicate flower of spring has been in a fight.

What? Why?

“I think that Middle Kid should explain it to you and I just want to let you know the other child was suspended today and tomorrow, but MK will only be suspended for the rest of the day.”  Mrs. P says smiling.  I note the smile and glance at MK who is sitting there arms folded and staring straight ahead with an agitated look on her face.  Her long hair is tangled and I see a slight smudge on her cheek.  I ask Mrs. P if we can leave and she nods then gives MK a see you tomorrow wave.  School is about to get out, so we wait in the car for the boys.  Once everyone is loaded in and we are on our way, I ask MK what happened.

“Mom!”  She says still irritated. “I am sorry but I just had to beat the crap out of him! Nobody talks to me like that”

“What did he say?” I ask stunned.

“He called me a hoe!” she says with a growl.

“WHAT!!!”  I say as the boys lean forward from the backseat echoing my sentiment.

“Iiii knooooww,” she says with attitude. “That’s why I jumped him, cuz nobody calls me a gardening utensil!  I am not dirty!”

Out of the mouths of babes….

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