Monday, March 26, 2012

The Poetry of Youth

I have been going through some old boxes and trying to condense all that I brought to Sweet’s house after hastily moving to an apartment from my old life and then moving directly to his house.  I took over two closets and his gym with my crap so after two years, I figured it was time to go through everything.

It was so nice seeing all my old stuff and going through the mementos, pictures and most especially the boxes that I had begun for each child that was to hold all the special moments of their lives growing up!

I went through their boxes and it was melancholy yet without a hint of tears.  Bravo!! It was joyful and happy, it was better than a time machine in an amusement park.  First Born’s kindergarten paintings that I somehow knew to lovingly put in plastic. My daughter’s softball awards, the photo pins and her high school letter jacket.  Youngest’s kids many sunglasses that he had to have and so much more!

Then it was time for my box.  My box contained items from high school, pre and post divorces, relationships, friendships and some family items.  It was a time machine but not like the aforementioned amusement park.  No mine was more like a chronological viewing of what had been.  You know the old saying that some things are better left unsaid?  That’s right, I found all the old diaries.

So I sat for hours that turned to days reading what made me happy, sad, worried, oh so proud (actually said that many times) and all the emoticons that appeared before my eyes as I placed the emotion for that particular entry.

Then sitting between two pages and stuck to one was an attempt at poetry and although I don’t see how I would have written this for the person that had been discussed on either of those pages, I found that some times even bad poetry is timeless. 


When I first met you,
                                    you scattered every emotion
I held throughout the whole of my being.

                                    The charm within your soul
stunned my senses to heights
beyond imagination.

You enticed my will and
anchored my heart and you
have become a special person
in my life.

                                    I cherish the day we met and
I wait to hold you in
my heart again.


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