Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello from the Big Island!!

I am so blessed that Sweet loves to vacay and travel as much as I do.  We love Hawaii and plan on visiting a different island every year.  This year was the Big Island, Kona to the locals.  Special note~ Hawaiian’s really do not care for people calling it the Big Island, just as San Franciscans really don’t like the word Frisco.  Hmmm..

This trip was extra special because we took my BestieFF along with us.  Bestie Y we will call her was a little leary of going with us because she had not been on a vacay in such a long time.  Sweet works for the airlines so if you have read of my travels before, you know we always fly standby.  We have had pretty good luck when we fly, by that I mean making the flight we hope to, so when we asked Bestie Y to go with us, I wasn’t sure how this would work.  Of course, without a hitch!!

Now Sweet is a bit OCD responsible and on Day 1, he called me ten minutes before my alarm went off, so with sleepy salutations I told him I would call him back.  (head shakes with love)  So I finally get up around 4:30 and get ready because Bestie Y is coming to pick me up!  After the luggage was loaded into her SUV, we finally got on the road.  It had been raining that day in our area and as soon as we got on the freeway, the heavens opened again and it was coming down in sheets!!  We could barely see but we made it!!  Sweet was waiting outside for us and we were on our way!

We landed in Kona and my goodness it is beautiful and Hot!  There is just something about Hawaii that is peaceful and easy.  Chillaxing is really a word there.  So we get our car and head straight for our condo in Kailua.  (Sidenote:  He owns timeshares with Wyndham and we couldn’t ask for a better company to have timeshares with!  Back to you in the studio!)  We stopped at the Bite Me Fish Market and Grill to eat and the food was amazing, so was the bucket of island beers that Sweet bought.  

Outside Patio at Bite Me Fish Market and Grill

We got to our condo, Wyndham Royal Sea Cliff and as always the room was fabulous!  We unpacked, put on some suntan lotion and went to the grocery store to fill the kitchen for the week and of course the ingredients for delicious imbibing.   Then we just hung out on the lanai and watched the sun go down.  Ahhhh..  chillaxing…

Day 2 was St. Patricks day in Hawaii!  Bestie Y and I started the day with some Yoga while Sweet went to the meet and greet that the Royal Seacliff offers.  Then it was breakfast prep time and a nice meal on the lanai!  Sweet came back just in time and then announced that we were going to stay an extra day!  Yayyyy..   who doesn’t love that?  So we just piled on the suntan lotion and hung out at the pool all day until it was time to get ready for dinner.  We celebrated St. Patty’s day at Lulu’s and the place was amazing, oh and food was so yummy!  Next we went to a little place on the beach called Huggo’s on the Rocks where they had a little Celtic band.  It was a perfect first day!

Day 3 was Volcano day so we got up early, had breakfast and drove to Volcanoes National Park, which is about a 2 hour drive from our hotel.  It was a beautiful drive along the Hawaii Belt where you see beaches, greenery, small little towns and also spots of rain.  We went to the Jagger Museum, Crater Rim, Holei Sea Arch, Thurston Lava Tube, Black Sand beach and even watched a Hawaiian burial ceremony.  We ended our day at the hotel making dinner, having drinks and enjoying each other’s company.
Holei Sea Arch

Ponalu'u Black Sand Beach Park
Day 4 was Beach day!!  We started at the Sheraton Breakfast buffet then began driving along the coast road.  We saw black crabs and sea urchins.  We went to Kukio Beach where we saw Green Sea Turtles that lay up on the rocks and beach.  Next is was Hapuna State Beach park where we wrote in sand and watched children play at the water’s edge.  Yep, I was one of them….  We then went to Pololu Valley Lookout where we could see people on the beach down below should you decide to hike down.. no no, we didn’t.  Maybe next time.  Then it was back to the hotel and poolside with some snacks and Hawaiian singers.  Another great day in the HI.

Green Sea Turtles at Kukio Beach
Day 5 was Snorkeling!!  The day started with a meeting that Sweet had to attend which is not required by Wyndham but usually you get money, coupons or gifts so he goes.  Bestie Y and I did what anyone waiting for someone in Hawaii would do.  Poolside!!  It was so nice laying in the hot sun and taking cool dips in the pool.  We also met some ladies from Canada that actually knew our little nor cal town by the outlets that we are apparently famous for.  Hilda and Barb, they are quite the charactas!  So on to Kahalu’u Beach park for snorkeling.  The water was so blue and the fish were beautiful colors of love and sun.  We snorkeled for hours then it was on to shopping!!  Best part of our trips, well at least to me.  I don’t think Sweet enjoys it too much.  Finally it was on to a luau by the pool where we were pulled up to dance with the dancers!  So much fun.

Kahalu'u Beach Park
Day 6 was time to leave so we packed up the suitcases, did a little luau dance with breakfast and left for the airport.  The flight home was uneventful and as always it is good to be home!  My daughter stayed with our puppies that were crazy excited to see us when we returned.  Bestie Y, Sweet and I had such a great time, can’t wait for the next trip! 

Thanks you Sweet for another wonderful memory!

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