Thursday, February 16, 2012

She's an Adult!!

Well, pregnant daughter is moving out today into their new home after being here 3 mos. It is actually bitter sweet for me to see her leave and the house quiet again.  I will have my beloved uninterrupted writing time back but will also miss her and her funny little quips that I have *alas* gotten use to

I remember when she left the first time and I was crushed but knew she was growing up and it was time for her to go.  I cried and cried then and I cried a little now.  It is funny because although she had been gone for years and only back for a short time, she became my little girl again.

I loved doing things for her but I didn’t love that the worry returned.  I began to treat her as though she was twelve again.  She took it in stride and giggled when I would remind her to lock doors, put seat belt’s on, make sure she ate her lunches and so on.

Now she is once again out in the big bad world about to have her own child to worry about and some day harp on as I began to albeit patiently this time harp on her.  I realize that it’s going to be ok and she will be fine.  She is an adult and although not my equal she is her own equal.

I was sad to see her go, but it was nice to get a glimpse of the neverending transformation!

Luvs u MK!

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