Friday, October 28, 2011

My trip to Massachusetts!!

Well, Sweet and I got back from our trip last Saturday and I finally have the chores, laundry and unpacking all caught up so I can blog now.  I have to say for a short time blogger, I missed it.  I tried mobile blogging but I think that is something you will have to do when you practice and not while traveling.  Sheesh, I was afraid of what might post.  Ha!

So we started our trip on Saturday the 15th, which was such a beautiful morning, and before we even got out of the driveway, my ever fabulous travel coffee mug was knocked over and spilled the entire contents all over the car mat!  Of course this had to be cleaned, alas that took a little of time.  Sweet is very particular about his mats.. hhmmmm.  Not that I am not but I have had children and have cleaned many a mess in a short amount of time.   Anyhoo, we were on the road and then it was requested of me to download the United app for my iPhone. Whaaaa…

Yes there is an app for that!  Since we are standby fliers (not so bad actually) it is so much easier to track flight status, seating maps and check other flights.  Very cool!  So I downloaded and was the bestest flight navigator that Sweet could ask for!  So we get checked in and on our flight (5 ½ hour flight) when I meet our seatmate whose name was Paula.  I love meeting people when we fly and getting to know them as it does help with character building in my stories.

So back to Paula, she is a 56 year old nurse administrator that was going to Massachusetts, Nantucket I think, to stay with some friends and just get away.  She talked about her “friend” Jim and how he is already retired and loves to travel and wants her to retire so they can travel together, but she is hesitant, I got the idea that he wants all of her time and she has her job that she loves and her three grown daughters.  He wants her to move in but she likes her independence.  We talked about the different places that she has been and we have been and some of them we had both experienced.  So we chatted about that.  Then the movie!  I love this part!  We watched Mr. Popper’s Penguins! I have wanted to see that movie for so long!  Sweet then ordered us some drinks with sandwiches and a fruit and cheese plate.  Cozy,  I love him sooooooo…

So we land at Logan International and as we walked over to luggage pick up I noticed that the terminal waiting areas have rocking chairs.   *cute*

So we got our rental car and drove the two plus hours to Provincetown where we were staying.  The reason for this trip was to gather research for my book and boy did I!!  The first day we went wine tasting in Truro then to Wellfleet for the Oysterfest which was a blast!  If you ever get out there you need to check it out!

Day 2 was exploring Provincetown! Aaaaaamazing!  Commerical Street, the beaches, houses, history and boatdocks.  We ate at the Lobster Pot, so yummy!!

Day 3 was Salem Mass!  This is where my research started and it was everything I imagined it would be.  We went to the Witch Memorial, the wax museum, the burying ground, gallows hill, the witch museum and ate at Rockafellas where Sweet took the Helltini Challenge for which he was honored with a shirt for his completion of the drink. 

Day 4 was pouring down rain, so when the rain lightened be went to the Wydah Pirate Museum and then to a little market called the East End Market, tres chic! We bought sliced salami at the deli and Vermont cheddar cheese with some Thinwater crackers to eat with some of the wine we bought at the Truro Vineyard. 

Day 5 was off to Plymouth with a stop at the Pilgrim Monument and museum first.  We climbed to the top and what …  a…   climb…  (sorry, out of breath)  Then it was onto Plymouth where we went to the Mayflower II exhibit and threw pennies on Plymouth Rock, then went to the nearest winery (Plymouth Bay Winery) where they have wines made of fruit other than grapes.  Very tasty!  If you ever go, please say Hi to Michael from Rachel!! 

Day 6 was Boston day!  I was really excited about this because this is for the research also, so we took a tour of the red line of history that is the Freedom Trail with an orator named “Bully” Jim Denton, a direct descendent of James Denton (1793-1865, of Braintree, MA).  Dressed in 18th century garb he took us by churches, the place where John Hancock’s house had once stood, the burial ground the held Paul Revere, James Otis, Ben Franklin’s Parents and so many other historical figures.  Then we went to the old state house and Faneuil Hall and so many other sites with a story along the way.  It was great!  Of course we had to stop at Cheers to eat, have a lager and take pics, the best day of all!

The flight home was uneventful but exhausting and all in all it was a successful trip to which I have learned quite a bit for my book.  Thanks to Sweet for taking me on this trip, sharing a beautiful Atlantic sunset and putting up with me saying Lobstahhh and gaaalic all week long!!

Love you honey!

 so much

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