Friday, October 14, 2011

I am a Traveler!

I can remember when I started my senior year and I had a job at McDonalds (Honest, it wasn’t the money, they could have paid me in Big Macs) and I dreamed that I would save my money and buy a ’56 convertible VW bug with a sun roof that folded back to let the sun wink in at me and throw daily good luck kisses as I made my way through the journey. 

After graduating high school, I was going to drive until I was low on money then stop wherever I was and find a place, get a job and save more money.  My bug would be the only social media I would need to meet my new friends along the way and once the old pot at the end of my rainbow was filled up again, I would move on and do it all over until I made it to New York or decided to stay.  You know to set up shop and plant some kind of a root system if it was right.

Well that was a little girl of seventeen who thought that life was limitless and anything was available for the taking.  She was going to make it to Manhattan, live in one of the top floors of a central park west apartment building and someone was going to give her job as an editor with a major publishing company.  Who needs a college degree, right?

 Life would be Fab!  She would travel the world because her job mandated it and she would come home only when she could get away from her life.  –kiss kiss-   

Romance on the Rivera
Flirting in France
Iconic status in Italy                                                      
Cocktails in the Caribbean
Hiatus in Hong Kong

sigh…    The plan was foolproof!

Then a little blue stick with a plus line on it changed everything.  Must say only sad the first three months, then the excitement of my baby and the possibilities moved from the carefree dreams of a world traveler to the most important job of all.  Mommy~

As I was packing last night and checking off the to do list this morning for my trip to Boston, where Sweet is taking me so I can complete the research for my book that I know will just sweep the world once published (I have already printed my tea party invites to J.K. and Stephenie for our first of many soiree’s).  I went back to that young girl and thought of her and her sure fire plan.  Seems like so long ago and although zero regrets for my blessings that continued, I often think what would have happened to the innocent little lass…. 

SLAP!  Wake up!  What do you think would have happened to her?  T*R*O*U*B*L*E

I have always said that everything happens for a reason and I know that in this case it is true.  I know some of you out there are non believers but it has truly come full circle! My children are all grown and gone, one with kids and one with a little one on the way.  One has set up life far away and me?  My life reverted back to that little girl, albeit smarter, stronger and (ahem) wiser.  The timeshare and limitless fly miles don’t hurt.

No I am not going to take off and cruise the country to stop and make friends –tiring- but I do have the convertible mustang (she couldn’t have afforded this), I have Sweet to share it with and he is actually interested in everything I am interested in.  In the last two and half years we have been to Korea, three islands of Hawaii, camping in the Redwoods, Mt. Lassen, Grand Canyon’s North Rim and Yosemite several times.  I have been to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and now going to Massachusetts.  I have been rafting on the Sacramento River, joined in on several biker runs, golfed in a tournament where I was the only woman included (I had the clutch play for second place!    Just sayin’), Museums, wine tasting, tasted food I never thought I would and the list goes on and on!

I think now is the time and I am in the right place at the right time and everything is as it should be.  I have set up shop on the dining room table crowded with the laptop, glasses, research books, notes for my book and this life as an up and coming author.  Sweet will occasionally check in and ask how the book is coming and I discuss ideas with him and he suggests, debates, high fives. I think that it is everything any new writer could ask for.  When I began googling the Boston area and exhaustingly tried to make heads or tales (get it?) of the map.  He said, “Let’s just go there!”  I said, “Let’s just go there!”  (I threw in a Yayyy and some kisses I think)

The thought that someone would give up a week of time earned vacation to support someone is the greatest belief in me that anyone has ever had. So now I must go and finish packing, stop the mail, get my Winking Lizard hat and excitedly leave my bags in the foyer for I am a Traveler! 

Yes!  I am going to practice blogging from the road...   go me!

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