Monday, September 5, 2011

Yosemite Trip * Day 1

Well always fun the first day of a vacay trip.  It’s Monday, September 5th and we are going on a camping trip to Yosemite.  Sweet significant said he had wanted to leave by eight AM but I knew that was not to be.  Bless his heart but he has rituals that must be abided by in order to begin a project and packing up the expedition I affectionately call Bruce was a project.  I was up at five AM writing and when he got up at seven, I was rearing to go.  I think the five cups of coffee assisted a little.

I really love when characters wake you up and want to be written.  *hugs to me*

So after Bruce is all packed and we are getting ready to leave, he notices a leak on the driveway.  Oh man.  He has to check the differential now because preparing for the trip the night before, something happened to the seal.  So in order to go, we have to keep an eye on this.  Pain in the ass..   Grrrrr.

So we made it to Yosemite and it is 5:41 and it was amazing to watch the mass exodus out of the park as we were pulling in.  Sweet is the bestest planner, so we get a text from our friends to let us know that we are at upper pines campground.  It’s so beautiful there and we meet up with Magda and Jeremy (not their real names, ever see Bridget Jones?) get camp set up and have a few beers.  We then went up to the cafeteria area and ordered a pizza.  We had pizza out on the deck under the moonlight, it was a great night and very relaxing.  We went back to camp and Jeremy went about setting a fire when Magda reminded him of the time.  The ranger would come and shut it down, but he made the fire anyway. 

Quite a bit of work later and 10 minutes into the fire, the ranger drove by and told us to put it out.  After a few giggles watching the men try to put this fire out that they had worked so hard for, I went to bed. 
Good times!

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