Monday, April 30, 2012

What brings me Joy?

Today it is the little things that build the corners of my lips into the smile that fills my heart.

Waking up to the sunlight shining brightly through my bedroom window this morning.

My Sweet coming home from work and planting one right on my lips after wrapping his arms around my waist as I do the morning dishes. 

My Puppies lying around my feet while I write (when they are not wanting to go outside and then come back in every five minutes). 

Making it right on time for my Yoga class and seeing one of my oldest friends already saving a spot for me.

Rewarding myself for going to the gym by purchasing a skinny cow ice cream sandwich while grocery shopping.

Eating my Skinny Cow in my car while still in the parking lot because I don’t want to wait!  Then taking a pic and posting it to facebook to share it with my friends.

Coming home to the aromatic scent of cumin that fills the whole house, which draws me to stir the chicken still cooking in the pot cooker from this morning.

The excitement that my puppies show me when I walk through the door, so much so that they jump and dance around me as I make my way to the kitchen with the groceries.

Now, the joyest of joys?  Waiting for my GBaby to come over so we can play!

The fact that this has just been this morning and I am so blessed that this is my life.

These are the things that bring me joy today.  Can’t wait for the rest of the day!!

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