Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Well I want to start by saying what a year!!!  Life has been crazy since I last posted in early December.  We have had holidays with family (some not so good, some fabioso), we have traveled and I am impatiently waiting for my baby granddaughter to come in February.

When last I posted, we were in Ohio and it was great to see Sweet’s family.  We went out to eat, went to a charity event at the local VFW in Parma.  That is where I met Frank and Jen DeLorenzo, the founders of Wags4Warriors.  Fantastic people that match veterans with trained service dogs to help those whose lives have been affected by their combat experience.  The dog’s help in calming the veteran and take away the stress and struggles faced on a daily basis now that they are home.  This is all done at no cost to the veteran, so the foundation needs donations of money, dog supplies, and dog food or just help in getting the word out to everyone!!

It’s an amazing foundation and I urge everyone to like them on facebook or go to their website for any support you can muster!

So anyhoo, another thing that I was able to experience for the first time in my life was flying down a toboggan chute!  Oh my goodness it was a blast!  I had to do it over and over even though we had 20 layers of clothing and it was freezing.  We were flyin’ down the chute screaming (well I was) and then collapsed into giggling messes (ok, me again) as the sled came to a stop.  Soo fun!

The rest of the week we did some shopping and had a nice family dinner on our last night in Ohio.  It was nice meeting some of Sweet’s extended family, they scooped me up into hugs and it felt familiar.  Far different from my own fam, but that’s another story.

We left Ohio and made our way to Wisconsin to spend time with Sweet’s mom and stayed at this really nice place called Glacier Canyon Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells.  It was a beautiful and among other amenities, had the largest indoor waterslides.  Although a couple of them were closed, there were some slides that were still open and we had sooo much fun!  I can’t believe this life I have now, one week flying down a toboggan chute and six days later, I’m flying down a waterslide!  Thank you God!!!

When we came home it was the usual, Christmas shopping for gifts and a tree.  Family and friends stopping by with Christmas cheer, a few fab parties, cozy family dinners, and happy birthdays.  It really was a great holiday season!  Now as New Years is approaching I can only hope for another fantastic year!  I appreciate all my blessings, my family, friends and the memories that are now in the books as 2011 is coming to a close. 

Best wishes to you and yours!

Happy New Year!!!

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